FCBA Field Day 2013

Here is a chance to peek into another member’s bee hives – Allen’s!

The Frederick County Beekeeping Association is planning its Beekeeping Class 2013 Field Day for April 27th (11am-3pm), and FCBA members are welcome. Of course this is assuming we will have good weather on April 27th! If it turns nasty on that day (rainy, cold, windy), we’ll need to postpone the event. Should that happen, we will email you in advance.

The field day will take place at Allen’s Apiary which is located at 10801 Powell Rd., Thurmont, MD 21788. The site is on the West side of RT 15 about 9 1/2 miles north of Frederick.

Here is the program:

  1. Potluck Picnic
  2. Review of the use of a smoker
  3. Opening hives and ‘reading frames’ (this is all hands-on, so be prepared to get close to smoke and bees)
  4. Strategies for feeding, swarm control, pest and disease management discussion

For the Picnic, FCBA will provide drinks as well as hamburgers, hotdogs and other goodies for the grill.

Please bring a small dish, salad or desert to share.

You are welcome to bring your family members, team members, children and friends. If you need a chair, please bring one.

Anyone (including guests) who wants to participate in the hive inspection must have a veil. This is important. You will not be able to participate within the bee area without a veil. The bees will probably be docile as they usually are, but wearing a veil is considered a best practice.

If you want to practice lighting your smoker, please bring your smoker, fuel, matches and a hive tool.


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