2013 Fair a Success!

Fairgoers were all abuzz after leaving the FCBA booth at the 2013 Great Frederick Fair. The week began early with set-up which included Bill, Allen, Kristien and myself getting frames from club hives at Fountain Rock Nature Park and placing them into two observation hives that were the center of attention at our Fair booth. Ed Mordan hung his gigantic bee while Bill, Ed and I continued to arrange the booth.

Thanks to Rose for such a great job with the sign-up sheet. We were ready for the 6000-7000 elementary school children that poured through the Fair from Monday through Thursday. With flashlights at the ready, we were kept busy pointing out the queen which all the kids really wanted to see. Thanks to all club members who volunteered to man the booth and help educate the public about beekeeping. It was amazing to see how much of the public is aware of and concerned about the plight of the honey bee. 100 people signed up requesting information about our January Beekeeping Class for Beginners!

Congrat to ribbon winners including Allen Winpegler, Joe O’Connell, Janet and Steve Davis, and Ed Mordan. I even won a ribbon!. A special congratulations to Kristien for winning Best of Show with her hand-woven St Ambrose (patron saint of beekeepers) skep.

Thanks, too, to Rose and Ed for helping me with the teardown. Ed and I returned all the girls to their hives at Fountain Rock without incident!

Thanks also to members who sold honey. 323 jars were sold which netted the club a tidy profit.

And a special thanks to Bill McGiffin for his work in coordinating this year’s FCBA Great Frederick Fair program!

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