Honeybee Swarm Removal

Bee swarms are a natural phenomenon. They are the reproductive phase in a bee colony’s life.
If you have become the host of a swarm that you need relocated, please contact one of the following people for help. These people are hobbyist beekeepers in your community. They will come to capture the swarm for you or, if they cannot come, help you find someone who can. Some of these folks are also able to remove bees from structures such as homes or out-buildings. Honeybee swarms are remarkably docile and will not attack you. Therefore, please do not spray them or throw objects at them to make them leave. Doing so will only disrupt their cluster momentarily, and they will simply return to form the cluster again. If you do nothing at all, the swarm will move on to more permanent housing of their choice within hours or a couple days at the most.

xlistIf you want the swarm captured, please have the following information for the beekeeper:

  • Are these real honey bees? What does the cluster look like? Beekeepers are not interested in yellow jackets, wasps or hornet nests. Below is what a typical honey bee swarm looks like.
  • What is the swarm clustered on (branch? fence post?) and how high is it from the ground? The beekeeper might need to bring a ladder.
  • How large is the swarm (baseball size? basketball size?)
  • How long has the swarm been at this location?
  • What is your address, phone number and email address?
  • Will you be present to point out where the swarm is when the beekeeper arrives? If not, please provide exact directions so the beekeeper can locate it on your property.
  • Is it OK if the beekeeper snips a branch in order to facilitate removal?